Custom jewelry creation service

ervice de création de bijou personnalisé_bijouterie brenda

Using 3D technology, you can now create your own personalized jewel in-store. Computer assisted design helps you view a preliminary version of the piece and decide quickly. With this new service, you have the advantage of offering yourself products that are even more personalized and unique.

Printable finger size charts


dessin de bijou personnalisé_bijouterie brenda

Our jewels are designed with care in Drummondville by our designer Jose Luis Gonzalez. Each jewel starts off as a sketch and ends up as a final drawing, which will serve as a model for the creation of a prototype.

Production of the prototype

réalisation du prototype bijou_bijouterie brenda

A drawing-compliant prototype is then crafted by hand (jewel without its stone/stones). A rubber mould is then produced by vulcanization. After cooling, the mould is cut and the prototype removed.

A rubber imprint of the prototype is thus produced.

Liquid wax is then injected into the rubber mould in order to obtain an exact replica of the initial prototype after each unmoulding.

Plaster moulding

moulage en plâtre du bijou personnalisé_bijouterie brenda

The wax jewels are then set in a metallic cylinder and covered with heat-resistant plaster. This is then placed in a high temperature oven (750°C) to eliminate wax residue (melted then burned) and to approach the casting alloy temperature.

At this step, we obtain a negative plaster imprint of the jewels.

Preparation of gold alloy

préparation de l’alliage en or_bijouterie brenda

We determine the amount of gold and other metals that will comprise the alloy used to create the jewel. In accordance with French legislation, we use an 18 carat alloy containing 75% gold.

Pure gold being 24 carats, a 24g alloy will contain 18g of pure gold.

Mixing with other metals will determine the color of the gold, either yellow, white or pink.

For example, yellow gold is comprised of 75% pure gold, 12.5% silver, and 12.5% copper in order to obtain the best color/mechanical property compromise. The gold alloy is then heated to almost 1000 °C. It is at this temperature that it is injected into the plaster mould. After cooling, the plaster is dissolved in order to recover the "crude moulding" pieces.


la finition du bijou personnalisé_bijouterie brenda

Our jeweller will then manually rework the surface of the jewel to give it its definitive aspect. If need be, jewel parts of different colors are assembled. At this step, your jewel's mounting is finalized.


le sertissage du bijou sur mesure_bijouterie brenda

The setter will first adjust the piece to your stone so as to showcase the stone and optimize its holding. He then sets it using different techniques: claw set, hammered set, invisible set, etc. This is a long and delicate operation that requires dexterity and patience.


l’apposition des poinçons bijou_bijouterie brenda

This operation involves guaranteeing the origin and composition of your jewel by adding two markings:

- The "guarantee marking" represented by an eagle's head for 18 carats: this guarantees that your jewel contains 75% gold.

- The "Project Owner marking" indicates the name of the company that made the jewel.


la finition du bijou personnalisé_bijouterie brenda

Brightening consists in giving the jewel its final brilliance. It will then be cleaned by ultrasound. Finally, during the ultimate step of production, a very detailed quality control process will take place (using a binocular magnifier) to inspect all aspects of your jewel prior to delivery.